Author of Alternative Fiction

Ubooks: A brainchild of mine: A new book format that combines books with the music that inspired them. Best of all, they're all free. Alphabet Soup, published in April, was the first complete Ubook, ever. It's a collection of flash fiction from my darker side. Enjoy.


Haunted: A "haunting" short tale that was released as part of Parallels--Felix was Here--You can get your copy by clicking below.

The Reader, The Writer, The Open Book: This is a short story trilogy about a girl who can read things to life and the boy just waiting to be read. To be released in its entirety January 2017, Ubook format.

In Lord Shadow's House:A dark and whimsical short story about what might happen if you really got that one thing you wanted. To be released Halloween 2016, Ubook format.

BEFORE: For some reason I just can't let Joel go. I'm busy writing a middle grade of his life in St. Louis, when he was just a normal kid. Sort of. I have no idea when this is coming out, or even if it's coming out. Right now it's just for me.